Takeru Wall™

Designed by Hidenori Kuge, 2005

Adjustable lighting is central to the design and construction of the Takeru Wall™ lamp. The lamp is created around a pointed light source and a reflector that ensures maximum illumination. Takeru Wall™ consists of a shade, a handle, a ball joint and two bushings. The specially-designed bushings allow smooth and flexible adjustment of the light. A reflector is also mounted in the shade that directs and diffuses the light. The switch is discreetly placed at the bottom of the wall base.
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Takeru Wall™
Takeru Wall™

Hidenori Kuge

Since 1984, Hidenori Kuge has specialised in the design of lighting. He began his career at the renowned Shoici Uchiyama Design Office and in 1997 established his own design firm, Kuge Design Office.

As a developer and designer, he has created unique lighting for a number of different manufacturers in both Japan and the rest of the world. What particularly distinguishes Hidenori Kuge as an extraordinary designer is his uncompromising ability to adapt and focus his shapes and designs so that illumination itself is given the number one priority and really comes into its own.

Optimal functionality and unconventional design are the fundamental features in Hidenori Kuge’s lamp for Lightyears. Both of these trademarks are expressed in the lamp’s simple design language, his fastidious choice of materials and logical construction. True to his roots and proud of his heritage, Hidenori Kuge has chosen “Japan” as his universe.