Radon Table™

Designed by Hans Sandgren Jakobsen, 2005

The Radon Table™ lamp is based on the basic geometric shapes - the circle and the triangle. Radon’s three legs form a universal triangle, which ensures stability and balance. The semi-spherical shade is multi-directional and furnished with an asymmetrical reflector, ensuring an efficient distribution of light. The switch is placed at the top of the lamp, while the cord leads discreetly out of the back leg to help preserve the lamp’s clean lines. Since 2005 Radon has been part of the Danish Museum of Decorative Art’s great collection of classics.
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solis nigra alba

Radon Table™
Radon Table™

Hans Sandgren Jakobsen

A penchant for Scandinavian design tradition and a bright and light design universe form the essence of Hans Sandgren Jakobsen's style. A dedicated, empathetic and long-term perspective allows him to fashion products that satisfy real needs. His creative process explores the potential and the technological capabilities of materials in order to create a simple yet obvious impression. An easily recognisable hallmark of his work is the ability to combine functionality with minimalist elegance.

It is a known fact that light affects how we experience both furniture and space. It is for the exact same reason that Hans Sandgren Jakobsen finds it interesting to design lighting that can create volume and atmosphere. His constant goal is to make it an aesthetic experience to look at the lamps and take advantage of the light they emit.

Hans Sandgren Jakobsen has chosen to give his designs for Lightyears a name that depicts the universe’s "Elements".