Designed by Hulger, 2013

Pharaoh™ is a unique pendant light created for the eye-catching Plumen 001 light source. Pharaoh’s aim has been to gently frame and enhance the expression of the Plumen light source, preventing glare, and ensure warm, dazzle-free direct light. In addition to a precise, harmonious shape, Pharaoh™ is impressive in its unusual and spectacular form. When the lamp is switched off, the shade appears to be mirror-like and reflective. And yet, the moment the lamp is switched on, the shade takes on a metallic transparency, thereby making the light source visible. The pendant light is made of injection-moulded ABS plastic and aluminium. This remarkable pendant comes with a Plumen 001 light source included.
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An open and playful approach to the design process, combined with a desire to make new technologies more accessible, such is the philosophy of the concept-driven design company Hulger. Hulger was set up in 2005 by Michael-George Hemus and Nicolas Roope. Together they are inspired by defects in things, which already exist. Navigating these uncharted territories can enable art, technology and design to come together as one.

Light is the fundamental precondition for reproducing shape and colour and for creating atmosphere.According to Hulger, light should be cherished and beautifully presented.Plumen, the world's first designer energy-saving light bulb, is a light source capable of achieving this.In their first light design for Lightyears, Hulger has worked to make the light more user-friendly, while simultaneously enabling the lamp to accentuate the light source.

With their product design, Hulger is keen to help us cherish and even celebrate light once more, in the way the old rulers were once celebrated. This is why Hulger has selected a product name centring on “Monarchs and Rulers”, to encourage the celebration of light.