Lightyears' collection of modern lighting has come about through close consultation with some of the most talented visionaries in world design. Thanks to their courage, insight and professionalism, we have managed to design a wealth of truly remarkable lamps.

Cecilie Manz

The innovative aspirations and sense of detail is repeated in Cecilie Manz 'lighting design for Lightyears. As she says, new products either be innovative and creative or contain improvements to be eligible for attention.



Iskos-Berlin experiments with new technologies and materials, to explore their impact on everyday objects. These objects have their own individual histories, which are also part of wider narratives of the way we interacting and thinking with things. By allowing the materials to choose their own direction, to speak for themselves, we try to bring a novel twist to this ongoing, and unending, story.

Hans Sandgren Jakobsen


Design should not just be beautiful. It should also be used for something



Lightyears always approach the light
as the main theme in the project,
combining quality and functionality
in an informal and everyday context 

Monica Förster


Strong, simple and poetic. This is the best way to describe Monica Förster's work. The Swedish designer has gained international recognition for her ability to create modern, functional designs with a poetic twist.

Komplot Design


Everything at Lightyears is thoroughly prepared, with a very deep respect for the ideas and intentions of the designers. Nothing is left to chance; everything must be right; everything must be perfect.

Jørn Utzon


It is matter of opening yourself to the essence of things, rather than struggling for form and style. This is the primal theme of Denmark’s arguably most famous architect of all time

Morten Voss


The self-taught designer Morten Voss is one of the finest exponents of the newer generation of Danish designers. The ability to combine shapes and materials in an original and challenging design is one of his characteristics. 



KiBiSi's founders have a common love of the good and rigorous idea. An eternal quest to provide honest, serious and thoughtful products that clearly communicates the original idea.


Salto & Sigsgaard


Nature is ruthless when it comes to creating viable "design". Everything superfluous will be sorted out in an effort to ensure the species' survival. It is the same requirements for selecting and sorting, designer Kasper Salto and architect Thomas Sigsgaard use as the basis for their design.



An open and playful approach to the design process, combined with a desire to make new technologies more accessible are the key words for the concept-driven design company Hulger.

Jo Hammerborg


Johannes (Jo) Hammerborg was a pronounced idea-man who throughout his life initiated and developed the things he was passionate about. His innovative contribution to Danish lamp design have a natural place in the 21st century, and Lightyears is proud to continue his beautiful design heritage.

Henning Larsen


Henning Larsen was the founder of the company Henning Larsen Architects, which remains an internationally recognized architectural firm with strong Scandinavian roots. The studio has always been - and still are - characterized by vision and curiosity.

Hidenori Kuge


As a developer and designer, he has created unique lighting for a number of different manufacturers in both Japan and the rest of the world. What particularly distinguishes Hidenori Kuge as an extraordinary designer is his uncompromising ability to adapt and focus his shapes and designs so that illumination itself is given the number one priority and really comes into its own.



In 2006 Fabian Baumann and Sönke Hoof founded the studio Formfjord in Berlin.

Fabian is an engineer with a designer heart while Sönke is a designer with an engineer's mind.
Together they strive to create products that work - technologically, financially and emotionally.